Dr. Francis Lin, Ph.D.

Francis is currently the Health Logic Professor in Chip Innovation, and Professor in Physics and Astronomy, Biological Sciences and Immunology at the University of Manitoba. After twenty years of research career, Francis still enjoys daily imagination of impossible ideas, then convinces his research team to explore such impossibility, and once in a while celebrates with great joy when some of these ideas actually worked. At work, Francis has a strong passion toward interdisciplinary research, education and collaborations. When not at work, Francis enjoys long road trips, workout and Chinese Calligraphy.  


Dr. Yang Liu, Ph.D.

Yang is a Research Associate, who has over ten years of professional biomedical experience, Yang is dedicating to bringing productivity, focus, ideas and creativity to the Lab-on-Chip area research under a genuine team-based environment. Outside of work, enjoys spending time with family & friends, and loves Yoga.


Dr. Amanda Stefanson, Ph.D.

Amanda is a Postdoctoral Fellow, who is unquenchably inquisitive with a wide-ranging entrepreneurial & academic background that informs a uniquely cross-disciplinary approach to her passion for research & discovery in the health space. In the off hours Amanda enjoys experimental gardening, cooking with family & friends, pondering the mysteries of metabolism, travel & seeking out new experiences.


Dr. Xiaoou Ren, Ph.D.

Xiaoou is a Postdoctoral Fellow, whose main research focus is on developing microfluidic devices for mimicking the relevant microenvironment toward better understanding the cellular mechanisms that guide immune cell migration and trafficking. In addition, he is working on a range of biological and biomedical tools for low-cost point-of-care diagnostic applications.


Dmitry Tomsa, B.Sc.

Dmitry is a Research Technician, who is bringing his engineering perspective into biomedical research and likes to search for original solutions to emerging problems. Dmitry is excited about observing how ideas are transforming into physical objects.  


Nicholas Palmerley, B.Sc.

Nicholas is a Research Technician, who will be officially starting his graduate study in physics in January 2023. With his background in Physics and knowledge of programming for computational analysis in various science related fields, Nicholas is excited to bring his perspective and expertise into lab-on-chip innovations.